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Save space!

Vertical printers are targeted at those seeking the added security of a ticket printer located discretely under a desk or in a turnstile. A vertical printer can also be a valuable space saving option if your staff are pushed for desk space at a service window or booth.

Vertical Lemur-C

Cinemas and visitor attractions often use or vertical mounted printers and its testament to the BOCA’s flexibility that it becomes a vertical printer with the simple adding of a top plate, whilst not losing any key performance characteristics. If you need advice on the use of vertical printers please do not hesitate to contact us.

Following models of the BOCA Vertical printer are available:

Vertical Lemur (Standard Vertical BOCA printer)
Vertical Lemur-C (Compact Vertical BOCA printer)
Vertical Lemur-2 (Vertical BOCA printer with two separate paths)
Vertical Lemur-R (Vertical BOCA reciept printer)