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Our service program enables you to keep your BOCA printer in excellent condition and use it to its full potential. The program is designed to meet your specific requirements or circumstances.

Our service program includes:
Service Contract (excluding preventative printer maintenance)
• Preventative Maintenance Contract
Preventative Maintenance (ad-hoc)
In-house and on-site
Support via phone and email

Regular service on your BOCA printer is an investment that saves you time, money and eliminate downtime. The best way to prevent a printer breakdown is by preventative maintenance, ideally through regular servicing by our experienced engineers.

If you have the resources to do basic cleaning and maintenance on your BOCA printer, we recommend supporting you for an additional peace of mind. Even if you do regularly self-service on your BOCA printer you may wish to use our experienced engineers for a yearly (or ad-hoc) service, and benefit from our specialized expertise.

Regular servicing by TLS - Boca Systems will:
• Help eliminate downtime
• Reduce lifetime repair costs
• Identify the causes of inconsistencies
• Maximize print accuracy and quality
• Extend printer’s life
• Ensure safety levels are maintained
• Prevent problems before they happen

If you are unable to commit to a regular service, a maintenance contract or undertake regular servicing yourself, we would recommend using ad-hoc preventative maintenance.

Failure to undertake any kind of service will eventually result in reduction of product quality, production speed and machine reliability. This could lead to unexpected costs and extended downtime.