TLS-BocaSystems since 1995

Customized Tickets

We create tickets according to your very own needs

TLS - Boca Systems custom designed tickets are used in thousands of different locations across the globe. We produce tickets for a broad breadth of different industries including Ticketing agents, Entertainment Venues, Cultural Centres, Leisure parks and Exhibitions.

Customized Tickets are requested by clients seeking to maintain and clearly define their own brand identity. Many of our clients require a service of the highest quality, replicating their brand and their partners within strict guidelines.


Whilst the production of thermal tickets to work alongside our printers is our speciality, we also manufacture custom tickets for customers that only require pre-printing. We pride ourselves in providing a fully account managed service from in-house concept design through to delivery. Our customers are encouraged to define the level of engagement they want from us rather than what we require.

From a technical perspective our tickets can be designed with the following features while maintaining compatibility with our printers:

  • Full colour
  • Different sizes, from Credit Card to Oversize (8 inch x 4 inch)
  • Round or straight corners
  • Complex perforation patterns
  • UV or Coin rub Ink
  • Die Cutting
  • Embedded RFID chip
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Foils and Holograms
  • Embossing
  • A variety of thermal base material, from thin paper to thick plastics

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