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RFID Tickets

Radio-Frequency IDentification

RFID tickets are a great product for authentication and access control in transportation systems, event venues, festivals and sports stadia. They provide convenience and speed for consumers as well as offering the ability to provide key customer data to the supplier.

BOCA tickets with RFID inlays can be encoded via our thermal RFID printers, compatible with a number of chip specification options. 

rfid ticket thermal

The front and back side of each ticket can be personalized for specific customer branding, RFID-chip encoding services, multi-frequency RFID in a single transponder, special effects, or other security features.

Typical Applications
• Mass transportation
• Access control
• ID and authentication
• Events (e.g., ski-lift ticketing, stadiums, concerts, amusement parks, etc.)
• Cashless payment solutions

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