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ECO Tag Wristbands

New Smart Woven ECO RFID Wristbands
New Smart Woven ECO RFID Wristbands are the ultimate multi-day, high-security event management solution! They seamlessly integrate with  the industry-proven RFID technology applications. These RFID wristbands support a range of applications including advanced event access control, cashless payments, and innovative social media programs.

Made of a special mix of fabrics like nylon and cotton, the Smart Woven ECO RFID wristbands are soft and extremely comfortable to wear. The wristbands have a high-strength and one-way sliding closure. The design can be a unique combination of precise (multi-color) weaving and customized graphics. The RFID slider maximizes security while preventing counterfeiting and transferring the wristband to other persons.

With the use of FSC materials and a paper inlay for the RFID technology, these ECO Tags are 100% PET free.


These are the advantages:
 • Seamless integration into existing systems
 • 320μm thick ECO Tag  
 • FSC compliant
 • Water resistant

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