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Test Program & Firmware

Configure your boca printer

BOCA Printer Configuration & BOCA Printer Test Program
The BOCA Printer Test program can be usefull for when you need to perform any BOCA Lemur printer troubleshooting. 

zip  For Windows
pdf  Installation and test guide for Windows

zip  For Apple (with use of driver)
zip  For Apple (without use of driver)
tar gz  For Linux
app store  For iPad
app store  For Android

FGL Firmware
BOCA printers run FGL Firmware. We do not promote updating the firmware or fonts when a printer is working correctly and only recommend updating a printer when errors are experienced. We strongly advise to contact our support team before updating to evaluate if your problem may be caused by the firmware or fonts itself. Updating the printer’s firmware or fonts without consulting our support team is at your own risk and may lead to unexpected (unwanted) results.

zip  FGL 26/46 Printers

zip  FGL 24/44 Printers
zip  FGL 22/42 Printers
zip  FGL 21/41 & FGL 40 Printers
zip  FGL 20 Printers