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BOCA Printer Troubleshooting

My BOCA Printer fails to power-up, what can I do?

  1. The AC power cord  connected to your printer may be faulty; try another cord.
  2. The AC outlet may be faulty; try moving the printer to another wall outlet. 
It seems as though there is no communication between my PC and my BOCA Printer, what do I do?

The interface connection may be faulty or the cable may be incorrect or faulty; please try connecting another cable to your printer and/or try another PC. 

The BOCA Printer delivers poor print quality or does not print at all, is there something wrong with it?
  1. The print head cam lock may not be locked or may not be locked well, please lock it.
  2. The print head may be dirty; Please download our cleaning procedure
  3. The type of ticket stock may be incorrect (i.e., thermal transfer), try other ticket stock (Boca Tickets). 

The printer feeds the tickets, but first ticket sticks too far out off the printer mouth and/or prints blank ticket and/or does not recognize the correct ticket length, what can I do?

  1. Tickets might have been inserted wrongly into the printer. Please release tickets from printer, turn the stack of tickets and insert the ticket that is currently on top of the stack/pile. Please also see our ticket loading procedure
  2. The optical sensor in the printer is dirty. This obstructs the sensor from reading the black mark on the ticket correctly. Please download our cleaning procedure
  3. The black mark position on your ticket stock is incorrect. Please download our ticket specifications and check the correct black mark position for the length of your ticket to match your printer. 
  4. The black mark on the tickets is of poor quality (more grey than black). Please change ticket stock. 

BOCA thermal printer not printing clearly? What causes a white line (lines) in the print out?

There can be a number of reasons why these white lines appear. Most important; the print head must be replaced. These white lines should only appear after having printed many tickets (hundreds of thousands). If this problem occurs sooner on your printer, please send original ticket stock to us for inspection. 

Why does my printer not cut on the perforation between the tickets?

It is not recommended to let the printer cut precisely on/through the perforation. Cutting on the perforation causes extra debris and it might also lead to paper jams as the perforation occasionally impedes the cutter to perform a clear cut. If tickets are not separated completely, it is obvious this will cause transportation problems and paper jams which could obstruct printer functionality.

BOCA printer paper jam?

Please contact our Support Team via our contact form.

It is obvious that the above only applies for some problems that can occur. If the solutions given do not help or if you have other questions, please make sure to either call us or send an e-mail:

What do I have to do when I need to send a printer in for repair?

Download the printer return form

1. Pack the printer preferably in the original box. If you cannot do that, please make sure to pack the printer very well. Make sure that no (extra) damages will occur during transportation!! 
2. Always include enough original ticket stock. This enables us to fine tune the printer to your needs.
3. Include a detailed fault description (try to explain what the printer does what it never did before or what the printer suddenly stopped doing).  
4. Make sure we are properly informed about your shipping and billing addresses and the name and telephone number of the person we can contact for questions.  

If one or more of these requirements are not included, we cannot guarantee an optimum printer repair procedure.