TLS-BocaSystems since 1995


Flat Rate Repairs

At Service Centre
All repairs will be billed according to a flat rate schedule (depending on model and age). The flat rates assume the presence of all parts. All missing parts will be invoiced individually. Also, parts damaged by misuse or negligence, including damage due to defective ticket stock are not covered. The print head is excluded from the flat rate pricing and will be invoiced as a separate item in addition to the repair costs. For customers using tickets supplied by TLS - Boca Systems the print head is included in the flat rate.

Logic board faults or exchanges are not included in the flat rate and will be quoted separately. FGL 22/42 and older printers must be examined individually and if repairable will be quoted separately. A diagnosis fee will be charged.

On Site
The service mentioned above will be carried out on site. There will be a 10% surcharge on the in-house rates. Additional travel expenses will be applicable (prices on request).