TLS-BocaSystems since 1995


We supply scanners and PDA’s with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability at great prices. Tethered or cordless, laser linear or area imaging technology. 

The added value is that we at TLS - Boca Systems know about 1D and 2D barcodes, tickets and ticketing operations. More importantly, we know your customers. We help you in the supply chain by supplying ready to use devices. The experience we create is that scanning a bar code, like printing one, will be carefree.

We carry multiple brands but keep stock of the following models:

Grabba Scanner
Datalogic Memortm 1
• Wifi conectivity
• Standard Pistol grip
• Exceptional barcode scanning on mobile devices


Datalogic Memortm 10
• 4G and Wifi connectivity
• Hot swap battery removal during operation
• Wireless charging eliminates all contacts on the device and cradle


Full service packages available, ask your account manager for details.