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BOCA Lemur-C Kiosk

The majority of BOCA printer models can be adapted for use in a Kiosk or automated ticket booth. With the Lemur-Z printer, launched in June 2016, BOCA has developed a new low cost printer model that can be used to print receipts or regular ticket stock. Designed to fit in even the smallest of kiosk units, our printers offer a robust alternative to lower grade models that generally require a significant amount of upkeep and attention. Our Kiosk printer models come with such features as a paper low indicator and retractable presenter.

Following models of the BOCA Kiosk printer are available:

Lemur-K (Standard BOCA kiosk printer)
Lemur-CK (Compact BOCA kiosk printer)
Lemur-2K (BOCA Kiosk printer with two separate paths)
Lemur-MK (BOCA Kiosk printer with magnetic encoding)
Lemur-Z (Kiosk printer model with a presenter and retract function)
Lemur-X (Our smallest kiosk printer with an optional roll holder)