TLS-BocaSystems since 1995

Printer and Scanner Rentals

Need a printer or scanner for a short period of time?
Instead of purchasing it, you can rent your desired printer or scanner from us.

Just pick one from the list below and see if it fits your needs.

(High-Volume Printer)
Lemur-C (Compact printer)
Lemur-S (High-Volume Printer with Storage Cabinet)
Lemur-2 (Dual-Path Printer)
Lemur-2P (Dual-Path Printer with Storage Cabinet)
Lemur-M (Magnetics Printer)
Lemur-R (Desktop Receipt Printer)
Lemur-X (Ultra-Small Desktop Printer)

Datalogic Memor 1
(Full touch device business companion for any data capture application)
Datalogic Memor 10
(One of the most advanced and competitive devices!)
(Friendly priced fully equipped Android scanner)