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Temperature Sensing Kiosk

Slim footprint, powerful prevention!

Protect Your Investment
Your people are your most valuable investment.

To help stem the crisis and optimize a return to business, hospitals, grocery stores, and retailers and a host of other companies will look to temperature screening as employees report to work and venues open up again. This first layer of screening can curb the spread of virus as well as prevent costly and time consuming contamination clean-up.

This solution is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor/detector and the system provides an alert if an individual is running a fever.

Reduce risk of access by infected persons*

  • Maintain a safe work/business environment
  • More hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact 
  • Safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures
  • Avoid costly contamination clean-up 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for employees and guests

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