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Kiosk for Temperature Measuring Hand Disinfection and Face Recognition

All-in-one kiosk with accurate non-contact temperature measurement hand disinfection unit and abnormity warning.

Usage scenario - Main entrance and exit
This intelligent temperature measuring machine with face recognition and hand disinfection unit, can be installed in the main entrances of crowded places such as museums, cinemas, theme parks, stadiums, gyms, schools, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, government halls, etc.. It monitors the temperature of employees, customers and visitors in real time, effectively helping to prevent virus spreads. 

Current temperature 36.5°C

Reduce risk of access by infected persons*

  • Maintain a safe work/business environment
  • More hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact 
  • Safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures 
  • Avoid costly contamination clean-up
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for employees and guests

Facial recognition
Based on infrared thermal imaging technology using sensor and 2-megapixel binocular live wide dynamic camera, face recognition is performed within a distance of 0.3-0.5 meters while collecting body temperature. It even works if people wear a mask on their face.

Fever alert
A person’s temperature is detected to exceed a warning threshold, this immediately starts a voice alarm mechanism, indicating the risk of infection, effectively protect the health of personnel, and effectively prevent and control epidemics.

Handsfree Santizer
One spray at a time to avoid any fire, non-contact sensor

Management platform - Data query
The product supports the data network upload function, which can form the temperature detection data into a table, capture the portrait in real-time and upload it for tracking inquiry.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

  1. Suitable for 3 different liquids: foam, soap and sanitizer
  2. Refillable bottle (1200ml) or disposable bag (1000ml)
  3. Lockable with window design
  4. With UV disinfection that can kill virus on the hand
  5. Support DC and battery. 30,000 dispenser uses on a single battery charge
  6. Low power indicator
  7. Indicator if something sticks under the dispenser’s sensor to avoid leakage
  8. Water tray is available
  9. Stand type is available
  10. AD board is available


Function expansion
The intelligent temperature measuring machine can be connected to the access control system to realize the function of facial recognition + temperature measurement and opening the door. The pre-recorded portrait is identified by comparison and the body temperature is detected normally. The access control or road gate can be automatically opened to increase the epidemic prevention coefficient and improve security.


Operating System Android 7.1.2 System
Thermal Array 16*4 px
Field of View 60°*15°
Max Infrared Image Size ≥320*240.0.5m - Error of±0.3
Camera Resolution 2 million hardware wide dynamic
Face Verification Accuracy ≥99% 
Face Recognition Distance 0.3m~0.5m 
Storage Capacity 20,000 cards, 10W event records
Measuring Range 35.5°C~42°C
Display Screen 8” IPS
Chip Quad core RK3288 ARM-A17 1.8GH GPU: Mail-T764
Ports DC*1, RJ45*1, USB*2(OTG*1), HDMI*1, TF SD slot*1/audio*1
Communication Mode Wired/wireless network;
Input Power AC110-240V 
Working Temperature 10°C~35°C
Working Humidity <90%RH
Work Environment Indoor

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